What Pieces Jump Out At Me?

Unbelievable Tony Robbins Facts

This article gives readers a “fly-by” view of Tony Robbins’ biography and life. For instance, he’s 61 and has a 47-year-old and now a nine-month-old! These simple facts alone lead to a couple of further startling points. He had his first child at 14! And he will be 79 or 80 when his newborn graduates from high school! Wow, this is another example of a man taking advantage of increasing longevity and delving into parenting at even later ages. He joins the ranks with other stars including Billy Joel, Clint Eastwood, and numerous others. A great lesson for a renowned inspirational and self-help guru! Of course, the article delves into several amazing facets of Robbins’ life and epic career to give readers amazing insight and inspiration.

The Amazing Adventures of Dog Ownership

Here is another amazing person’s recanting of amazing adventures with their dog. These tales never fail to enchant readers, often taking a similar approach to bonding with dogs as Gary Paulsen’s classic My Life In Dog Years. This piece is about the writer’s dog named Blossom, and how he grew on his once reluctant owner. I was kind of the same way in the past, not having an indoor dog until I moved in with my wife and adopted her young pug. You go from wondering how people can stand to have a dog running around the house to never having enough time to stroking under your four-legged friend’s neck and ceaselessly expressing to them how wonderful they are to you. This amazing piece itself takes a surprising turn into philosophical and spiritual self-examination.



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