Some Short and Profound Stories In One Line

Each day, billions of major stories are unfolding. On the news front, the stories that make the major headlines are of so often the ongoing stories of struggles, hardships, and unspeakable horrors (though good stories echo strong as well). And so many millions upon millions of wondrous, eloquent, and profound fiction works have been produced throughout the ages to allure, inform, entertain, and enrich billions of readers from age to age. The list goes on of other types of stories — biographies, memoirs, personal anecdotes, scientific observations, and so forth. We can never get enough stories.

Stories don’t have to be too long, however, to make a lasting impact. Some of the greatest stories are communicated or received with just a few words or lines. I have attempted to draft a few short stories below in just one line. My goal was to help capture a small part of a whole world in as few words as possible. I hope you find that to be the case. As I read these lines, I realize each story could be expanded or elaborated on to help peel away more layers of the onion. But just enjoying one line or a few sentences can be a nice experience all in itself.

I waited for the elevator. It never came, so I took the stairs.

My beautiful dog waited all day for me at the corner, then walked me home.

The rubber ball bounced all the way down the hill before landing in the river.

The baker poured twice the flour into the cake mix so it was super hard.

The cat fell out of the tree, and landed on its four feet.

The Princess of Prime Peaks was to be crowned Queen, but abdicated before.

The horse trotted through the forest and then stopped to drink from the creek.

I was offended by the cashier, so I gave the courtesy clerk a huge tip.

The city held its annual summer celebration and businesses had great sales.

The nation’s greatest former Prime Minister passed on, and citizens cried.

Around the globe, people experienced a year of increased wealth and health.

The Sun’s warmth continued baking Mercury, while Venus struggled to spin.

The Milky Way continued its multi-millennium long spiral among trillions of other galaxies.



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